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About Us

Our Story

With the approach “less is more” we dived deep into the secrets of Korea and derived the goodness of its root-based ancient ingredients and transformed it into a product for all ages and gender. We are the first Korean Wild Ginseng-based Indian brand that cares for your skin and provides a wholesome skincare solution. By blending contemporary science with powerful oriental ingredients to overturn the signs of aging, we’ve created a product that treats, corrects, and enriches the skin like no other. We are committed to redefining the skin care industry with naturally infused ingredients in the everyday care routine. The range varies from face washes, face creams, face scrubs, face masks, and other innovative products. As a new-age brand, we believe that the secret to achieving good skin is hidden in the conscious effort to treat our skin, each day. It is a ritual curated for wholesome skincare. We understand how important it is to be happy in your life, and one becomes happy when one feels confident in what they have. So we are coming up with our essential root-based ingredients paving your way towards happiness through result-driven skin care products. Feel healthy, glowing, and radiant skin with Raiz!

Our mission

We at Raiz are extremely proud to be the Indian brand that brings science-inspired beauty to people across the world, and we work tirelessly to fulfill this purpose. The best quality ingredients are used in each skincare product made by Raiz, which is meticulously created in small batches for maximum freshness and efficiency at an affordable price. Raiz has observed how the cosmetics industry exploits consumers’ ignorance by peddling mass-produced skincare products and resorting to prescription drugs, silicone, needles, and injections rather than utilizing the transformational power of actual, high-quality substances on their natural skin. The goal of Raiz is to give you wholesome skincare that organically treats, improves, and enhances your skin.

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